Voluntary Suspension of Cruises Extended

CLIA Announces Extension of Cruise Suspension

CLIA Announces Extension of Voluntary Suspension For U.S. Cruise Operations

Update August 5, 2020: Voluntary Suspension of Cruises Extended (Again)

Despite the valuable alignment between CLIA’s previous voluntary suspension to September 15 and the CDC’s current No-Sail Order date of September 30, we believe it is prudent at this time to voluntarily extend the suspension of U.S. ocean-going cruise operations October 31. This is a difficult decision as we recognize the crushing impact that this pandemic has had on our community and every other industry. However, we believe this proactive action further demonstrates the cruise industry’s commitment to public health and willingness to voluntarily suspend operations in the interest of public health and safety, as has occurred twice prior. CLIA cruise line members will continue to monitor the situation with the understanding that we will revisit a possible further extension on or before September 30, 2020. At the same time, should conditions in the U.S. change and it becomes possible to consider short, modified sailings, we would consider an earlier restart.

Update June 19, 2020: Voluntary Suspension of Cruises Extended (for the second time)

As of June 19th, 2020 the voluntary suspension of cruises has been extended until September 15, 2020. The announcement, made by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), effects all cruise ships with the capacity to carry over 250 passengers within the United States.

The current no sail order issued by the CDC expires July 24 while there was some optimism that cruising would begin at that time, the continued effects of Covid-19 have made that impossible. Many of the cruise lines have introduced safety protocols in anticipation of being able to sail even though many had already extended their voluntary suspension beyond July 14.

I, along with CLIA and many other industry insiders believe cruising will be safe and include protocols to ensure the health and safety of guests and crew members. This extension of voluntary suspension will give the cruise lines more opportunities to work with experts and the CDC to make sure they have the latest measures in place to resume sailing.

Read the full press release.

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