Virgin Voyages

Virgin has created a completely different experience compared to other cruise lines. And it's not for everyone. First and foremost, it's not for kids. Virgin Voyages is only for sailors 18 and up. They don't just make it unappealing for children, they don't allow them. Period. That's a big plus if you like the idea of having the arcade all to yourself, or simply like the idea of no bratty kids running around, screaming, whining, or taking up space in the hot tubs.

The adult only atmosphere shapes the entire experience. The shows are edgy, the food (especially in the restaurants) will be appreciated by adults (it's fantastic, but you'll have a hard time finding chicken nuggets), and the parties and venues are distinctly... Adult. All lifestyles are celebrated on Virgin Voyages.

If you've got a strong sense of adventure, an open mind, and want to try something completely different, Virgin Voyages may be just what you're looking for.

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