Virgin Voyages Rockstar Suite Perks


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virgin voyages rockstar suite perks

Every cruise line calls their suites something unique, but none of those names bring an immediate association quite like being a Rockstar on Virgin Voyages. Virgin Voyages Rockstar Suite perks are impressive and truly do make you feel like a rock star. When you think “rockstar” what comes to mind? You won’t have any groupies or thousands of screaming fans, but for a relatively small price difference between a balcony stateroom and a Rockstar Suite, you’ll never want to be anything but a rockstar when you’re cruising on Virgin Voyages.

My third Virgin cruise in May 2022 was the first time I experienced Virgin Voyages Rockstar Suite perks. While there are plenty of other benefits, the three that I found most valuable are: early access to reservations and excursions, having a Rockstar Agent onboard, and Richard’s Rooftop and Retreat. 

As a Rockstar, being able to book excursions and make dinner and entertainment reservations 60 days instead of 45 days for everyone else onboard makes a huge difference. As a first-time sailor with Virgin, I didn’t realize the importance of making dinner and entertainment reservations prior to getting onboard. The second cruise on Scarlet Lady I made reservations before embarkation, but availability was limited because Rockstars have an extra 15 days to plan their activities. It makes a difference. Seriously.

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virgin voyages rockstar suite perks
Virgin Voyages Rockstar Suite perks – Rockstar bathrobes!

The other two Virgin Voyages Rockstar Suite perks I mentioned are benefits you enjoy onboard. Rockstars are assigned an onboard Rockstar Agent (not to be confused with a travel agent who helps you research, book, and plan your cruise or land vacation). That person provides concierge type service to the guests in a handful of rooms. Mine, Selma, was always available by messenger in the Virgin Voyages app (which is a lot better than it used to be! Read: Lots to Love on Virgin Voyages) or by phone. She was also around to talk and assist with things like reservations or other special requests at the private Rockstar cocktail parties on Richard’s Rooftop. She was a gem and getting to know her was one of the highlights of the cruise.

The third big Rockstar perk, Richard’s Rooftop, is a private “Rock Star only” area at the back of the ship on deck 16 (at least on Scarlet Lady). Getting into the private area requires a tap of the sleek looking “black wrist band” at the door. Once in Richard’s Rooftop, Rockstars enjoy lots of seating, a private bar, and two hot tubs. It’s a great place to hang out either in the sun or under a canopy and never have to worry about whether they’ll be seats available. The bartenders made us beautiful cocktails that weren’t on any menu and treated all the guests to an elevated level of service.

In my humble opinion, switching from a balcony stateroom to an entry level suite is a no-brainer due to the relatively small price difference. Some Rockstar suite categories (like the Mega Rockstar suites) come with additional benefits and can be a bigger price jump, but it makes a lot of sense, with these perks and others that didn’t make this list (but are still great). When you decide to experience the Virgin Voyages difference, consider doing it as a Rockstar. You will not be disappointed.