Virgin Voyages Brilliant Lady Cancellations

Virgin Voyages Brilliant Lady cancellations were announced this morning. The official communication from Virgin stated ongoing construction, supply chain and staffing issues as the reason for the delay with their newest Lady Ship.

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Because of some unexpected construction, supply chain, and staffing challenges, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of Brilliant Lady.

Virgin Voyages

Not surprisingly, this impacts a lot of Virgin sailings, even on the other three Lady Ships with itinerary revisions and cancellations. I’m sure the construction delays are a big factor in the decision but staffing is an important consideration, too. Every time I’ve cruised Virgin, the level of service is outstanding due to their crew to guest ratio and the crew members themselves who are truly dedicated to the brand and everything it represents.

Brilliant Lady cancellations
Virgin Voyages Brilliant Lady. Photo: Virgin Voyages

Virgin always makes these types of inconveniences worth while for their sailors, so if you’re on one of the cruises aboard Brilliant Lady, you’ll receive specific details of your options which include cancelling, if that’s what you choose. Personally, I’d just pivot to another itinerary and take the bonuses they offer, but that’s just me.

List of Virgin Voyages Brilliant Lady cancellations:

  • Mermaiden voyages on 12/24 and 12/30, 2023
  • 7-night Sunsets in the Lesser Antilles on 1/6, 3/30, and 4/13, 2024
  • 7-night Southeastern Caribbean Isles on 3/23 and 4/6, 2024
  • 11-night Transatlantic Puerto Rico to Portugal on 4/20/2024

Valiant Lady Cancellations

  • 6-night Western Caribbean Charm departures from 1/7 through 3/17, 2024
  • 8-night Eastern Caribbean Antilles departures from 1/13 through 3/23, 2024

Resilient Lady Cancellations

  • 7-night Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems departures from 7/28 through 9/29, 2024
  • 7-night Greek Island Glow departures from 8/4 through 10/13, 2024

Good News Amidst Brilliant Lady Cancellations

Part of the changes related to the cancellations include a number of Caribbean voyages that were originally sailing on Brilliant Lady are now going to be on Valiant Lady. There’s also going to be a LOT of new itineraries and ports for the 2024/2025 season. How does 27 new itineraries and 19 new ports sound? Like a great tradeoff, in my opinion.

As always, if you want the very best deal on a Virgin Voyages cruise, and legendary service, I’m here for you, just a phone call away: 844-483-6669.

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