Remember when people avoided talking about politics and religion because it might cause an argument? Me either. Generally speaking people are opinionated and most topics are on the table. Gun control, border security, and... cruises? People who have been on but hate cruises have plenty of reasons why and they all boil down to one core problem.

In my experience the main reason people hate cruises comes down to onboard experience. There are two main groups of people who hate cruises: those who took a cruise and the experience didn't meet expectations and those who know people who went on a cruise and only have second hand knowledge on which to base their opinion.

Group A, people who tried cruising have a variety of complaints. The ship was too crowded (or there weren't enough people), the food wasn't great, there wasn't enough to do (or too much to do), too many children (or not enough kids and everyone on board was ancient), too loud (or too boring), the entertainment was boring (or not what I wanted), the atmosphere was too stuffy (or wild and crazy!), or too many up-charges or added expenses. Whatever the complaint, people in Group A have decided, based on their experience, that cruising isn't for them because they were expecting something other than what they experienced.  

Group B knows people who have been on cruises but based on the information they get from those people they've decided that cruising isn't for them. They may form this opinion based on complaints from people in Group A or based on a conversation with someone who loves cruising but might not like any of the things they hear. For example, just because I like belly flop competitions and line dancing around the pool, the person I'm talking to may find that unappealing.

The number one reason people in Group A (those who have been on a cruise) and Group B (have never been on a cruise) boils down to not finding a cruise that matches expectations. Just like restaurants cater to different preferences, cruise lines (and specific ships) offer different products and itineraries to meet the expectation of a variety of people. There is literally something for everyone.

don't hate cruises there is something for everyone

Helping you find your perfect cruise is the key to making sure you love cruises. The single most important step in finding your perfect cruise match is figuring out what your expectations are. Are you a foodie? Does the idea of adults only appeal to you? Want to explore destinations with only a handful of people? 

These are important questions to ask because if you like a party atmosphere with lots of fun (and plenty of hairy chest and belly flop competitions) Carnival may be a good place to begin your search. If you'd prefer a kid-free cruise and the idea of Instagram worthy cocktails and nightlife is more your speed check out Virgin Voyages.

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If you went on a cruise and found yourself in the "I hate cruises" camp or you've never been on a cruise because you think it's not for you, I encourage you to think about why you're in the "hate cruise" camp and consider finding the right match for you. When you're matched with the perfect cruise there's a lot to love about cruising. Cruises are a great value, the best way to see multiple places on one vacation, and in most cases all-inclusive.

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