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SeaDream Yacht

SeaDream Yacht Club made waves in the travel industry when they became the first cruise operator to sail since the no sail order at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. SeaDream operates small luxury ships and, for its first cruise, was sailing with slightly more than 100 people aboard, including guests and crew.

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SeaDream Yacht Club suspends sailing through 2020
SeaDream Yacht Club SeaDream 1

Update SeaDream Yacht Club: December 4, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the decision to pause sailing until May 2021

SeaDream Yacht Club

What’s the Offer?

  • Guests on the canceled sailings will receive a 120% Future Voyage Credit valid for voyages through 2022.
  • Guests on the canceled sailings can also request a 100% refund.

Additionally, SeaDream Yacht Club is launching a new program, “SeaDream with Confidence,” designed to give guests peace of mind for new bookings made after December 1, 2020 and sailing before December 15, 2021.

SeaDream’s ultimate assurance includes:

  • Voyage changes for any reason up to 15 days from departure
  • 100% Future Voyage Credit for the amount paid (valid for 12 months after original sail date).

Update: SeaDream Yacht Club cancels sailings through 2020

Following the positive Covid test results of guests and crew onboard the SeaDream Yacht SeaDream 1 (details below), SeaDream has decided to cancel sailings through 2020.

SeaDream has decided to cancel sailings for the remainder of 2020 after the positive Covid-19 test results. While multiple negative PCR tests were required before the guests boarded, this was still not sufficient to prevent the virus onboard. We will now spend time to evaluate and see if it is possible to operate with a high degree of certainty of not getting Covid-19 onboard.

SeaDream Yacht Club

Shortly after the cruise sailed, SeaDream Yacht made waves for another reason: a guest onboard tested positive for Covid. According to passengers on board, there was little in place to keep guests and crew safe despite the CDC’s framework for sailing. Technically, SeaDream was not violating the safety guidelines because the cruise was not visiting US ports. According to their statement from November 11, 2020, they acted swiftly to prevent further spread.

We wish to inform you that Seadream Yacht Club has paused its current Caribbean Voyage and returned to Barbados after guests’ tests for COVID-19 19 returned assumptive positive results.  Immediately after performing the preliminary rapid COVID-19 test onboard and receiving the assumptive positive results, we advised local health authorities and set in motion our COVID-19 response protocols to protect guests and crew. Our ship’s medical staff has tested all crew members and all tests have come back negative. We are currently re-testing all guests. We are awaiting authorization from the Barbados government to disembark guests safely and we continue to follow all protocols recommended by the health authorities.

SeaDream Yacht Club