Sail Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady In October 2021


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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Cruises on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady have been delayed again. This time without much in the way of explanation but only for a couple weeks. Most recently, the inaugural cruise onboard Scarlet Lady would have been September 22, 2021 but it is now October 6, 2021.

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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady announcement:

As we await the exciting news of when we’ll finally set sail this fall, we wanted to give you a heads up that we have to cancel a handful of sailings for Scarlet Lady (departing September 22nd through October 1st, 2021).

Virgin Voyages

Also subtly included in this announcement from Virgin Voyages is the delay of sailings aboard Valiant Lady through May 15, 2022. In the email sent to guests, the reason given for Scarlet Lady being delayed in the US is “long-weekend voyages” in the UK in August, followed by preparations here in the US.

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady
Sail Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady from the US beginning October 6, 2021

For guests impacted by this announcement, the email (cleverly written like all other Virgin Voyages messaging) gives two options: double your value or request a refund. In my opinion, the double your value option is strong and by far the best option since guests have waited this long to sail Virgin Voyages and the delay is short.

Double your value is exactly what it sounds like. Virgin Voyages will be doubling the amount you’ve paid for your cruise fare. Note this does not include taxes and port fees or pre-cruise purchases (like bar cash, excursions, etc.) and it’s based on what you actually paid, not any prior credits issued for cancellations. The future voyage credit (same thing as future cruise credit) will be valid for redemption up to a year after the original voyage start date for any sailing through 2022 subject to availability. This offer is automatic unless you specifically request option two: a refund.

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If you prefer a refund, you have to request it by August 26, 2021 and in addition to the refund you’ll receive a 25% credit toward another Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, or Resilient Lady cruise.

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