We’re future cruise credit experts ready to make sure your vacation is stress free and flawless while using our experience, travel industry affiliations, and partnerships with all the major cruise lines to make sure you get the most value when you redeem your future cruise credit. There’s never been a better time to begin planning your next cruise.

Advice: In these uncertain times you need an expert on your team.

Let an experienced travel advisor who specializes in using future cruise credit answer all your questions and help you book your next cruise.

Our relationship with every major cruise line guarantees you a custom vacation and personalized experience at gorgeous destinations near and far.

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Don’t trust just anyone, trust industry leaders, experts at helping you redeem your future cruise credit. Travel advisors passionate about helping you have the best possible vacation experience.

Your future cruise credit team:

Let Joel help you redeem your future cruise credit

That’s me. Joel. Along with Jennifer, I’m co-owner of Dream Vacations by Jennifer and Joel (JJTravelAssociates.com), and I write the blog you’re on now: Joel Knows Travel. My greatest professional joy is getting to know my clients and helping them have a perfect, stress-free vacation.

Jen - Future Cruise Credit expert

This is Jennifer. As the child of travel agent parents, she’s been traveling around the world her whole life and has a long list of places she’s visited. Jen loves sharing her knowledge with clients, then using all her experience to create customized vacations for them.

What makes Jennifer and I unique is how we blend old-school customer service and cutting edge technology to serve you before, during, and after your vacation. How’s this for old school, when you call, it’s either Jen or me who answer and return calls. Try it now: 844-483-6669—same thing when you use the contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions: Future Cruise Credit Edition

What is future cruise credit / fcc?

Credit from the cruise line applied to your account to be used as payment for new bookings.

How is future cruise credit calculated?

FCC is based on the cruise fare (not including taxes, port fees, excursions, pre-paid gratuities, etc.) per person. In 2020, many cruise lines offer “bonus” credit, which is also calculated based on the cruise fare.

What can future cruise credit be used for?

Future cruise credit is applied as payment toward new bookings. Some cruise lines require a deposit made with a traditional form of payment. FCC is — for most cruise lines — not used for pre-paid gratuities, excursions, spa services, etc.

How are FCC and on board credit different?

On board credit (OBC) is used for extra services, not as payment toward your cruise fare. For example, OBC could be used to pay for excursions, spa services, drinks, and other “extra’s” on board.

Does future cruise credit expire?

Yes! FCC has two important dates: book by and sail by. These are uncertain times and the dates may or may not be flexible. The cruise lines are not obligated (or good at) reminding you of your dates.

I booked direct with the cruise line and now have future cruise credit. Do I have to book direct again or can I use a travel advisor?

Your FCC is applied to your account with the cruise line but does not limit you to booking directly online or through the call center. A travel advisor can assist you with your new booking, is unbiased, and has your best interests in mind.

I have questions not answered here, who do I contact?

For information, advice, and assistance, with future cruise credit, call Joel or Jennifer at 844-483-6669. You may also use the contact form.

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