Is Cancun Safe to visit? What You Need to Know.


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With its gorgeous beaches and beautiful resorts, Cancun, Mexico, has been a popular vacation destination for years. It wasn’t until the pandemic that people began asking the question, “is Cancun safe to visit?” When the Covid-19 pandemic required governments worldwide to put travel restrictions in place (including grounding flights and a no sail order for the cruise lines), figuring out where you could travel to was simple. Nowhere.

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Is it safe to visit Cancun?
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However, since June, Cancun has safely welcomed tourists to its beaches and hasn’t had to ban visitors since, so they’re obviously doing something right. That “something” has been well thought out and executed. For one thing, they were among the first destinations to adopt the World Travel and Tourism Council’s (WTTC) health and hygiene policies and earn the global safety stamp.

The government and resorts have been careful to make guests feel safe and comfortable by following the standards while remembering that people are on vacation and want to have fun with their loved ones. From limiting the number of chairs around the pool and making sure they’re spread out to touchless doors, QR codes, and plenty of hand sanitizer, they have managed to do just that.

Overwhelmingly, the question of whether it’s safe to visit Cancun has been yes! Currently, the “warning level” is yellow, meaning medium-scale reopening. Staff at the resorts are making sure guests stay safe by cleaning chairs between uses, putting up barriers, and encouraging guests to make reservations for spa services using apps.

While Cancun has made every attempt to make sure it’s safe to visit, whether it’s practical to go depends on what state you live in, employer, and even school policies. Restrictions vary from mandatory 14-day quarantine when you arrive home to no quarantine whatsoever (and plenty of variations in between those extremes).

For example, New York requires a 14 day quarantine period, but New Jersey requires are less strict. In NJ, a visit to Cancun would require self-monitoring, which isn’t so bad, but some school districts in the state require students to quarantine if anyone in their household leaves the country, even if the students themselves didn’t.

While visiting isn’t the same now as it was before the pandemic, it is definitely safe to visit Cancun if you’re looking for an affordable, fun vacation. If you’d like help finding the perfect resort call me at 844-483-6669.

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