In any other year Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of Summer but this is 2020 so instead we’re asking, “Is a trip to the beach safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?” I find the answer to this straight forward question frustrating. It seems there is no absolute truth, everyone is left to decide what is true for themselves.

CondeNast Traveler has a blog post by Cassie Shortsleeve that attempts to answer the common questions people have about the safety of spending a day at the beach. In this article three experts are asked questions like, “Should I wear a mask on the beach?” It’s an article with solid questions real people are asking when they’re considering whether a trip to the beach is safe curing the pandemic.

My issue is that three experts can’t agree on what’s fact and in the absence of answers based on facts, they’re giving opinions that sound like they’re based on facts. One expert says wearing a mask is unnecessary if you maintain an acceptable distance from people. The second expert says it’s not appropriate to wear a mask if you’re socially distant. The third says, it’s safest to wear a mask.

This is frustrating on so many levels but my take away is everyone has a different level of risk they’re willing to take and filter they use to determine what they believe will keep them safe and healthy. No matter what your personal truth is, whether that means it’s not safe to leave the house or there is no risk involved in going to the beach (or anywhere in between), a quick search will turn up an expert who supports your decision and criticizes everyone else’s.

As always, keep on #VacationDayDreaming

Read Cassie Shortsleeve’s original article (it’s a good one!) at

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