Increased Bahamas Covid Cases


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According to PRNewswire, Samaritan’s Purse sent an emergency field hospital and personal protective equipment to the Bahamas in response to increased Bahamas Covid cases which are inundating the healthcare system.

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Increased number of Bahamas Covid cases
Samaritan’s Purse Bahamas EFH COVID Response (Photo: Samaritan’s Purse)

As recently as last week the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation was planning to lift the restrictions for tourists wishing to visit the islands. Visitors able to present a negative PCR Covid test would be able to avoid the mandatory quarantine.

As of today, however, at the request of the Bahamian Prime Minister, Samaritan’s purse loaded a DC-8 with 14 tons of critical relief supplies, including the emergency field hospital. The delivery will also include a team of doctors, nurses, and other staff members to assist the healthcare system as they treat 2,000 active Bahamas Covid cases across the islands.

Although I’m not a doctor, this seems like another step in the wrong direction in the fight against Covid. As a travel advisor with an ounce or two of common sense, I see this impacting travel. Cruise lines are talking about resuming soon with short cruises to the Bahamas. How will that happen any time soon if the Bahamas is experiencing an increase in Covid cases?

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