Hawaii Covid Restrictions Are Changing


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Hawaii Covid restrictions have made it very difficult for travelers to visit the islands. A must see destination, Hawaii has been literally and/or figuratively closed off to visitors since the early days of the pandemic. Between requiring tests to move between islands, quarantine rules, and the weird mandate that vaccinations from the mainland were not acceptable, most people had decided to save a Hawaiian vacation until 2022.

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With Hawaii Covid restrictions becoming less restrictive, reconsider a vacation in Hawaii in 2021. On July 8, Hawaii Covid restrictions are being drastically reduced for vaccinated travelers. Specifically, travelers from mainland US can skip the 10 quarantine and pre-travel Covid test as long as they upload their vaccination record to Hawaii’s Safe Travels website and bring a physical copy of their vaccination card.

Hawaii Covid restrictions are changing
Hanauma Bay, Hawaii (Photo: Cosmin Serban / Unsplash)

Other examples of Hawaii Covid restrictions changing include more capacity in restaurants and at outdoor gatherings which is great news for people who like to take guided tours and experience other activities in small groups. There will still be restrictions for the number of people, a max of 25 indoor and 75 outdoors but this will give visitors to the islands a chance to be immersed in the local culture. One thing that isn’t changing is the mask mandate which will remain in effect until 70% of people on the island are vaccinated. Until that happens, everyone must wear a face covering when indoors.

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Officials had hoped for the Hawaii Covid restrictions to be adjusted in time to welcome travelers for the July 4 holiday but the 60% vaccination goal was not met in time. Visitors from the mainland may still visit the island, however, to avoid the mandatory quarantine, a very specific Covid test (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test aka NAAT) must be taken within 72 hours of travel and the results must be uploaded to the Safe Travels website.

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