False Positive Results On Cruise Ship


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False Positive Covid Tests

False positive Covid results are a troubling sign for the cruise industry. Earlier this week, TUI cruises reported 12 crew members tested positive for Covid. Safety protocols were followed which meant the crew members and those they came in close contact with were immediately isolated, monitored, and tested repeatedly. Fortunately, each of these crew members have repeatedly tested negative and have shown no symptoms of Covid.

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False positive results on TUI cruise

Why are false positive results a bad thing for the cruise industry? Obviously it’s good that nobody on board tested positive and ultimately tests returned with a false positive show it’s possible to keep people healthy and safe on a cruise but it also proves testing — at the moment — isn’t reliable. How are the cruise lines going to convince the average person it’s safe to cruise and a government agency to lift the no sail order if results can change the next day?

Personally what’s more concerning is how the information took on a life of it’s own. The headlines screamed “12 positives aboard a cruise ship” which is a pretty bad headline during the week the CDC is deciding whether or not to extend the no sail order. Buried in the article for those who chose not to just react to the headline was details of the protocols in place for when a positive result is returned.

Instead, the reaction in the comments of every article, social media post, and watercooler conversation was negative and quick spreading. The bulk of those opinions were — although I’m “cleaning them up” — “how could anyone go on a cruise?” I’ve said since day one there would be three groups of people: ready to go on the first ship to anywhere, willing to go eventually but not for a while, and never going on a cruise. Why is it that the most negative group is always the most vocal?

By the way, the original headline spread like wildfire but the follow up — the results were false positive and none of those people have Covid — haven’t gotten any traction so what’s left is the negative opinions that have no counterpoint even though the original information has proven to be inaccurate.

Even though there won’t be any cruises for a bit, I still believe now is the best time to book a vacation due to the promotions, incentives, and flexible cancelation policies. If you’d like to discuss your next vacation and want unbiased advice, information, and assistance use the contact form or call me at 844-483-6669.

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/09/28/covid-19-tui-cruise-12-crew-members-test-positive/3559971001/

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