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A Great Cruise Vacation Requires Two Simple Mind Shifts


You can enjoy a cruise vacation in 2022 by realizing the journey is part of the vacation.

Virgin Voyages casino

How To Save Money On A Cruise


Cruises are my favorite type of vacation for many reasons but at the top of the list is cruising is ...

How To Find The Best Price On Cruises


Prices for cruises can be confusing (to say the least!). Learn how prices are set and how to find the best price on cruises.

Confirming Everything Will Save Your Vacation


What is the single most important thing to do before going on vacation?

Traveling with friends

Traveling With Friends: 3 Tips For Remaining Friends


Use these tips the next time you're traveling with friends and avoid stress and conflict.

US Passport

How to Renew a US Passport


Imagine my surprise (and feeling of despair) when I realized that my daughters passport had expired and we were traveling ...

traveling with friends

How to Travel With Friends and Stay Friends


How to travel with friends and stay friends (it's easier than you think).

How To Go On Vacation and Get Back Home


Don't let the mandatory testing keep you from a great vacation!

Booking Online: What You’re Not Getting


When you book vacations online you are not getting the great customer service you are paying for.

Is Cancun Safe to visit? What You Need to Know.


One of the most popular vacation destinations, Cancun, Mexico has been following safety protocols and welcoming visitors since June.