Carnival Covid Updates


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Carnival Covid updates

Carnival Covid updates announced today (July 12, 2021) for guests sailing during Summer 2021 include special requirements for Canadian guests, insurance requirements for unvaccinated guests, and important reminders about pre-boarding steps.

Carnival Covid Update for Canadian guests

The Canadian government is encouraging the mixing of vaccines (e.g., first dose of Pfizer, second dose of Moderna).  Carnival does not recognize these passengers to be fully vaccinated; and as such, these customers will be treated as unvaccinated guests. Additionally, all Canadians are required to get tested before reentering Canada (including vaccinated Canadians); however, Carnival does not offer tests to vaccinated passengers. This means Canadian guests will need to find a testing site after disembarking the ship.


This Carnival Covid update is interesting to say the least. First, at the time of writing (July 12, 2021), Canadian citizens on cruise ships sailing out of the US is not advised by the Canadian government. Digging a little deeper into the announcement, apparently Canada is encouraging citizens to get a vaccine dose from different pharmaceutical companies which Carnival is not accepting, meaning any Canadian citizen showing doses from different companies and hoping to get onboard will be considered unvaccinated. With Carnival only letting a small number of unvaccinated guests aboard, there is a better than average chance they would not be allowed on the cruise. If they were, the testing requirements would be the responsibility of the guest.

Carnival Covid updates
Carnival Covid update includes sailings on Sunrise for Summer 2021

The second part of the Carnival Covid update is about insurance for unvaccinated guests. Like some of the other cruise lines, Carnival is requiring unvaccinated guests to have specific insurance when sailing from Florida. Carnival is requiring guests over 12 to be vaccinated with very few exceptions and now those guests are being required to comply with the following guidelines:

Unvaccinated guests are required to purchase travel insurance for cruises leaving from Florida homeports, effective beginning with sailings departing July 31, 2021. As of now, Carnival is waiving the requirement for children under 12 who are ineligible for vaccines. Under this Covid update, Carnival is requiring each unvaccinated guest to provide proof of a valid travel insurance policy with a minimum $10,000 (US) per person medical coverage and $30,000 (US) emergency medical evacuation coverage without Covid-19 exclusions at the time of check-in. The policy must name the unvaccinated guest as the policy holder or beneficiary. The policy may purchased through Carnival (Carnival Vacation Protection) or a company of the guests choosing. Guests without the required proof of insurance will not be permitted to sail and no refund will be provided.   

  • Currently, we will waive this requirement for children under the age of 12 who are ineligible for vaccines.  
  • Each unvaccinated guest must provide proof of a valid travel insurance policy at the time of check-in that has a minimum of US$10,000, per person, in medical expense coverage and US$30,000 coverage for emergency medical evacuation and without COVID-19 exclusions.  
  • The insurance policy must name the unvaccinated guest as the policy holder or beneficiary and may be purchased from a travel insurance company of the guest’s choosing (LeisureCare is eligible) or through Carnival Vacation Protection, which includes the required coverage.  
  • Please note Carnival Vacation Protection is available for purchase until 14 days prior to sailing for guests residing in the U.S. (excluding New York and Puerto Rico), Canada (excluding Quebec), U.S. Virgin Islands (excluding St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix) and American Samoa.  
  • Guests without the required proof of insurance will not be permitted to sail and no refund will be provided.

And finally, the Covid update from Carnival includes a lot of steps that must be followed before embarkation. Watch for an email from Carnival for complete instructions. The steps include but aren’t limited to:

  • Guests on July and August sailing must be fully vaccinated at least 14-days prior to sailing.  
  • Clients must monitor their email for letters with instructions from Carnival about crucial pre-boarding steps which must be completed including:
    • Completing the vaccine attestation survey.   
    • Complete online check-in which opens 14-days prior to sailing which includes selecting a boarding time which must be strictly adhered too. 
    • Complete health assessment form 72-hours prior to sailing.  
    • Original proof of vaccination is required at time of boarding.
      • Name and birth date on vaccination record must match travel documents.  
      • Digital Covid-19 Certification (QR code) AND record of Covid-19 vaccination from a healthcare provider, personal electronic health record or government immunization information system record is also acceptable.

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